Quality Assurance members benefits

Benefits of Institutional Membership in the ENTER Network  for Quality Assurance organizations

•    Diversify main areas of accreditation (not limited to the engineering degree programs) and run the accreditation process of professional development programs (PDPs) for Engineering Educators following the elaborated International standards;

·     Increase competitiveness and visibility bt offering universities and other institutions new and highly requested service of international accreditation of  an independent assessment of micro-credentials (namely PDPs);

·     Make part of an international network uniting universities and professional organizations from such countries as: Portugal, Estonia, Slovakia, USA, Kazakhstan, France, Belgium, Russia, and Ecuador.

•    Nominate a representative to the Quality Assurance Committee, providing an opportunity to: 

-      develop and verify accreditation standards for professional development programs with ENTER Label awarding.

-      monitor  and update the ENTER Label accreditation criteria and procedures

-      review quality assurance agencies applying for ENTER label awarding.

-      propose requirements for members of the Monitoring committee. 

-      propose Monitoring committee members.