Monitoring Committee Functions

The main aim of the Monitoring  Committee (MC) is to review the portfolios and information of educators who wish to be part of the  ENTER Register.

Benefits of ENTER Network Monitoring Committee Membership

Acting as a reviewer in the professional educators' registration process is a responsible and time-consuming task, however, it is worthwhile becoming the ENTER Network Monitoring committee member and performing the review of the colleague’s portfolios. 

Only highly qualified experienced and recognized experts from the international academic community are nominated to become Monitoring committee members.  This role gives certain benefits, among others:

·      Keep up with the latest professional development opportunities while you help evaluate and improve others.

·      Develop critical thinking skills essential to professional development.

·      Become a reference person at your university and give recommendations on how to prepare an evidence-based professional portfolio.

·      Advance in your career – peer review is an essential role for educators.

·      Be part of the engineering educators' international community and expand your network of professional contacts.

As the review is blinded, the colleagues submitting the review will not know that you did their review, but you will be listed as one of the members of the committee and in your ENTER website account you will be able to download your certificate as a Monitoring Committee member.

 Finally, although it is just symbolic, 

·      registration fee as a professional educator will be reduced by 20% for Monitoring committee members;

·      Monitoring committee members will not have to pay the participation fee at the ENTER Network Annual Conferences.