Continuous Professional Development

ENTER Network offers a list of training programs designed to support educators at all levels and provide them with all resources required to develop and upskill professional competencies, and personal and interpersonal skills to support better teaching and better learning. 

All the training programs are offered in: 

different formats: onsite, online, and hybrid.

different languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Russian.

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  • Preparation of engineering programs for the international EUR-ACE accreditation

After this training, participants will be aware of the accreditation procedure, and criteria and will be able to prepare educational programs at their home universities for further international accreditation awarding EUR-ACE Label (including self-study report and expert team visit highlights)

  • Training of experts for international EUR-ACE accreditation

This EUR-ACE accreditation training aims to prepare well-qualified engineering degree program accreditation experts. This training course is delivered by experts who are certified accreditation evaluators and trainers. Participants who successfully complete this course become expert candidates and convert into certified Experts upon participation in a real accreditation audit.

  • Learning outcomes and EUR-ACE accreditation of engineering programs

This workshop aims at providing the academic community with all the tools required to identify, develop, and asses the learning outcomes. The workshop also helps to understand the importance of learning outcomes in improving the educational process for the purposes of international accreditation of engineering programs.

  • CDIO Initiative Implementation: tools and strategies to improve students’ achievements

The workshop introduces 12 Standards of the CDIO initiative based on active learning and creative work experience. During the workshop, the participants will learn how to apply the CDIO standards using the examples of their educational programs, which makes this workshop truly practice-oriented. Particular attention is paid to integrated curricular, project-based learning,  learning outcomes assessment tools, and quality assurance methods.

  • Program Learning Outcomes & Program Objectives

This workshop is offered in an active teamwork format. All participants are contributing to the success of the workshop: a review of best practices, reflection, and group discussions help to generate new points of view and better solutions than the existing ones. The workshop is divided into several sessions, with different types of work covering the following topics: 

The concept of “outcome-based approach”; Correspondence between learning outcomes and program objectives; the course design triangle (learning outcomes. Learning activities, and learning assessment).

  •  Sustainable development principles implementation throughout educational programs

In 2015 the 193 members of the United Nations agreed to achieve 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. This Agenda also considers education to be one of the leading influencers and drivers of a sustainable future. The Engineering Education for SD can be used as a framework. The best way to achieve this is by making sustainability an integral part of the curriculum and following an integrated approach to teaching SD.

This training is designed to help engineering educators improve and develop their knowledge, understanding, skills, and abilities to teach students to recognize that engineers operate in a broad societal context. The main aim of the training is to develop a strategy to incorporate sustainable development principles into engineering education at large, including specific engineering courses.

  • Innovative Pedagogy for Engineering Teachers - iPET program (iPET1, iPET2, iPET3)

The iPET program is a multi-level modular system for the pedagogical training of engineering educators based on international network cooperation. Each of the modules includes a certain set of courses aimed at fostering various competencies of engineering educators. 

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