The ENTER Network Nominated its first Monitoring Committee Chair

The ENTER Network Nominated its first Monitoring Committee Chair


The ENTER Network Governing Board nominated Prof. Dr. Tiia Rüütmann as the first Chair of the ENTER Network Monitoring Committee for the period 2022-2024.

This nomination comes as the recognition of her dedicated work to the research in engineering pedagogy, laboratory didactics, and innovative methodologies.

Culminating an over 3 years committed joint work to the build-up of the ENTER Network, the Governing Board nominated Prof. Dr. Tiia Rüütmann, head of the Estonian Centre for Engineering Pedagogy, and president-elect of International Society for Engineering Pedagogy (IGIP), to become the first Monitoring Committee Chair of the ENTER Network. 

Prof. Rüütmann is a tenured full professor at the Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) one of the leading and most prestigious engineering higher education institutions in Estonia. In 2021 she received the prestigious IEOM Global Engineering Education Award.

Since the conception, Prof. Rüütmann took part in the development of the ENTER Network and helped build up the independent professional engineering education register. Now with this position, she directly supervises the many monitoring committee members that perform the applicant’s portfolio review accordingly with the professional international standards.

Since each applicant’s portfolio review is completed by 3 different peers it is up to the monitoring committee chair to address any incongruences and to act as the decisive voice on eventual appeals. Also, any violation of the code of ethics for the reviewers is addressed in the first instance by the Monitoring Committee chair.

 By her vastly recognized commitment to the development of better engineering educators, we are certain that Prof. Rüütmann will largely contribute to the development of the international professional educator as an equally globally valued profession.