ENTER Network at the Forefront of EENTITLE                                                   Erasmus+ Project Kick-Off Meeting

ENTER Network at the Forefront of EENTITLE Erasmus+ Project Kick-Off Meeting


The ENTER Network is proud to announce the launch of the 'Ecuadorian ENgineering educaTors' capacITy development and rEcognition' (EENTITLE) project. This landmark initiative, which was supported by the funds of Erasmus+ Program, embarks on a four-year journey to revolutionize engineering education in Ecuador.

EENTITLE's main goal is to refine the mechanisms for teaching, assessment, and recognition among engineering educators at Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) across Ecuador. The project is set to introduce a transparent, evidence-based international system to evaluate teaching practices and pedagogical competencies, which will be piloted in each participating institution and could potentially serve as a model for the entire region.

The project promises a transformative shift in how engineering educators are valued. It acknowledges that excellence in education extends beyond academic and professional achievements. As a result, educators will gain recognition for their teaching prowess, as well as their interpersonal and professional competencies—qualities that are essential for high-quality, progressive engineering education.

The initiative officially commenced with an inaugural meeting in Porto, Portugal, where partners from Portugal, Spain, Estonia, and Ecuador convened. They shared their visions for the project's design and implementation, setting the stage for collaborative success. The ENTER Network was represented by delegation including Dr. José Carlos Quadrado (President), Dr. Roman Hrmo (Academic Committee member), and Dr. Kseniya Zaitseva (Secretary General).

As the EENTITLE project unfolds, ENTER Network extends its best wishes to all consortium members. We are committed to fostering an environment where innovation in teaching is recognized as a cornerstone of professional excellence. Together, we look forward to seeing the positive impact this project will have on the quality and future of engineering education in Ecuador and potentially across the globe.