Academic members benefits

ENTER Register Benefits for HEI’s

 •    Attest the high quality of the educators and future candidates, (above the generic minimum standards set by law), as well as relevance to the educator profession.

 •    Verify if the candidates to the academic positions have the required knowledge, understanding, and practical capabilities that meet international standards in professional education

 •   Participate in the development and network implementation of international professional development programs

•      Analyze the consistency of the university internal evaluation criteria with the recognized international educational standard descriptors

•       Testify the commitment of your educators with continuous professional improvement

•       Facilitate the international accreditation of educational programs

•       Provide an incentive to high-quality registered educators to choose your university

•       Reassure the stakeholders that your educators meet the international requirements for admission to the ENTER register (if the organization has set its educators requirements at international level and above the generic minimum standards set by law)

•   Appoint your representative in the ENTER Network Academic Committee providing opportunity for:

- participation in the development of requirements and standards for teachers of engineering programs at the international level

- joint design and implementation of network training programs for teachers of engineering programs at the international level

- participation in the preparation of project applications and the implementation of projects of international grant programs.

ENTER Register Benefits for Students

 •    Assures that their professors meet the international high standards as educators.

•     Provides open access to the information about the quality and competence of the professional educators they encounter during their study program

•    Facilitates the international accreditation of the educational programs